Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week

I don't think these will be in the right order but I am tired of playing with them so you can figure it out!

Monday March 23 - Mo, the cat, always seems to be looking for a
 chance to get outside.  We have to watch out for him, especially as the
 weather improves.

Tuesday March 24 - The snow came back! We had quite a bit of snow and wind today.  Nicky enjoyed it!

Wednesday March 25 - A morning
 ritual whenever I have time: reading
 the local paper and drinking coffee out of my favourite mug from the Toronto Maple Leafs which I like because it is a big mug.
Thursday March 26 - Tonight at choir practice I was presented with
 this fine cake and a card for my upcoming birthday.  One of the choir members made the cake and sent it along even though she was to sick with a cold to come to practice. She's so sweet! And the cake was delicious!

Friday March 27 - I spent lots of time today getting ready for the next day's crop. Here's some of the things I had to take over to the church.
Saturday March 28 - I had 18 women come to the crop today and all seemed to have a good time.
Sunday March 29 - This Sunday the women of the choir, with a few additions, sang the prelude, offertory and postlude. One of the men in the choir took this pictures while we were practicing before church.  There was a smudge on my lens which I didn't
 notice as I wasn't taking the pictures.

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