Sunday, March 8, 2009

The rest of this week

   I do my weeks Monday to Sunday so here's the rest of the week: 
Tuesday March 3: Our dog Tucker is starting to feel better as seen by the fact that he is now again interested in chasing the cats. Boots, our oldest cat, is obviously not too concerned with this change in behaviour.
Wednesday March 4: A guilty pleasure: crispy chicken and taters at the supermarket.  I occasionally have this for lunch and I did this day as I had to go pick a few things up at the store.
Thursday March 5: About once a week it's time to go through the mail and pay bills. What a load of paper! I could do some of this on line but somehow it just seems easier this way.
Friday March 6: I have been scrapbooking again after some time off and this week I have been working on pages from the Mediterranean cruise our family went on in 2007. Here is Miletus in Turkey.
Saturday March 7:  Another cat, Cookie this time, enjoying the basket.  Cookie is such a little girl but with a loud voice.
Sunday March 8:  I decided to take a photo of our church bulletin. 

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