Wednesday, April 29, 2009

last week

Monday - Laundry day
Tuesday - I had to call around to get people to serve at an upcoming church luncheon
Wednesday - A display of ceramic art at the art gallery at City Hall
Thursday - Moncton City Hall where several events went on for the annual Frye Literary Festival this week.
Friday - Spring flowers near our house
Saturday - lunch set up for my all day crop
Sunday - four of the ladies at church

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week of April 13-19

Here are last week's pictures. Monday - Our cat Mo, Tuesday - some of the many theatre posters at Moncton High School. The top row is all the musical productions our youngest daughter was in during her 4 years at MHS. Wednesday - a scene from "Into the Woods" at MHS which we went to see Wednesday night. Thursday - My "55 New Things" album (note all the album can be seen at ) . Friday - these crocuses grow near the railroad tracks and they always mean "spring is coming" to me. Saturday - This is John Raulston Saul, a Canadian writer who spoke about his new book as part of the Frye Literary Festival which is now on in Moncton. He spoke at Moncton City Hall. Sunday - Members of the UCW (women's group) and friends put on the church service this day. It concentrated on the environment and on the need to protect the planet. On the left are portrayed Air, Water and Land.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last week's photos

Here's April 6-12.
Monday - All this week the World Men's Curling Championship is taking place in Moncton. we didn't get to any of the games but watched a lot on TV. Here Kevin Martin, the Canadian skip holds the broom.
Tuesday - This week I sorted and cleaned my closet and dressers. Here are some of the bags of clothing to give away.
Wednesday - Some tidy dresser drawers.
Thursday - I started an album on "55 New Things" I listed between last birthday and this one. Here is the cover I made today.
Friday - My daughter Nicole go the weekend off from work so she came home for Easter weekend. Here she and my husband watch TV while she works on a cross-stitch.
Saturday - Me, daughter Nicole and mother-in-law Annette on the patio behind Annette's residence.
Sunday - Look what the Easter Bunny brought! We woke up to this snow and it snowed all day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last week's photos

Monday - It snowed a lot and here's one of the dogs with snow on his back.
Tuesday - A bowl of the homemade granola that a friend of mine sent me for my birthday. Yum!
Wednesday - This is our cleaning lady, Gwen, who has been coming over to clean our house for many years. The dogs like her too.
Thursday - My husband took pictures of all the staff and some visitors in the radiology department with bunny ears and a toy rabbit. He has taken some in the past with St. Patrick's day props.
Friday - Here's our hockey arena converted to a curling arena for the Men's World Curling Championships. We attended the opening ceremony and were treated to bands, the NB Youth Orchestra, choirs, singers and dancers.
Saturday - Because of the curling the hockey team has to play some of their playoff games at this smaller arena. Here they start the 2nd game of the 2nd series against Rimouski, Quebec.
Sunday - Despite the patches of snow and dirty old snowbanks, there are a few signs of spring, such as these bulb shoots beside the house.