Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few recent days...

Here are a few of the recent days' pictures:
Monday Feb. 23 - our paper delivery lady is awesome!  On a day when we had so much snow that even some of the plows went off the road, she somehow managed to get out and deliver the paper! She couldn't near the mailbox by the door of course. The view is out our front door before I shoveled the steps. The sidewalk was still unplowed at this time as well.
Tuesday Feb. 24 - some of the members of our Church Council meeting in a committee during our Council Meeting.  I am in my third year as Council Secretary and I also did this job for 3 years a few years ago.
Wednesday Feb. 25 - Guess I won't be barbecuing any time soon! Our back deck with lots of snow on it.
Thursday Feb. 26 - I spent some time at the church today cleaning out some of the old Sunday School classrooms with Sheila, who is in this picture. We found lots of junk!

I'm very behind!

And I intend to stay that way!  Actually I just have so much to catch up on after having been away in Antarctica and Argentina that I have decided to skip a few weeks on this blog. I AM up to date in the album as of the end of last week. For a few pictures from our trip see my other blog "Pam's Place".  Hope to get back to posting here soon.