Sunday, March 29, 2009

My pages

Here's a couple of pictures to show how my pages look in my album (from the last two weeks).

This week

I don't think these will be in the right order but I am tired of playing with them so you can figure it out!

Monday March 23 - Mo, the cat, always seems to be looking for a
 chance to get outside.  We have to watch out for him, especially as the
 weather improves.

Tuesday March 24 - The snow came back! We had quite a bit of snow and wind today.  Nicky enjoyed it!

Wednesday March 25 - A morning
 ritual whenever I have time: reading
 the local paper and drinking coffee out of my favourite mug from the Toronto Maple Leafs which I like because it is a big mug.
Thursday March 26 - Tonight at choir practice I was presented with
 this fine cake and a card for my upcoming birthday.  One of the choir members made the cake and sent it along even though she was to sick with a cold to come to practice. She's so sweet! And the cake was delicious!

Friday March 27 - I spent lots of time today getting ready for the next day's crop. Here's some of the things I had to take over to the church.
Saturday March 28 - I had 18 women come to the crop today and all seemed to have a good time.
Sunday March 29 - This Sunday the women of the choir, with a few additions, sang the prelude, offertory and postlude. One of the men in the choir took this pictures while we were practicing before church.  There was a smudge on my lens which I didn't
 notice as I wasn't taking the pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rest of last week

Tuesday March 17 - This picture is actually from last night and is the interior of the Roman Catholic Cathedral where I went to hear a wonderful concert of organ and voice. They had a great turnout.
Wednesday March 18- Moncton City Hall. The flags in front are those of the various countries which will be participating in the World Men's Curling Championship here in April.
Thursday March 19 - my KOTM for Project 365 finally came! I have been using my other album so far so I will keep this one for next year. 
Friday March 20 - Our Junior Hockey Team is starting the playoffs so here they are warming up for their first game against the PEI Rocket. Our team (the Wildcats) won 7-1.
Saturday March 21 - Second game of the playoffs. Here they are facing the flags as "O Canada" is sung before the game.  We have a US flag also as we have one team in the league from Maine. As you can see the guys have all died their hair blond for the playoffs. Wildcats won 5-0.
Sunday March 22 - The men of our church choir sang today and the women had a "day off". Next week the women sing.  Here they are singing the prelude before the service.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More in March

Friday March 13 - Boston Pizza, a restaurant we often go to.  Nothing to do with Boston, really.  The man who started this chain is from Alberta and was a Boston Bruins fan.
Saturday March 14 - Marcel with his cousin Dave and Dave's wife Diane.  We had dinner at their place.
Sunday March 15 - Framed picture and jersey of Luc Bourdon, who used to play with our local junior hockey team, went to the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, and was killed in a motorcycle accident last May.  There was a tribute to Luc before the game on Sunday.
Monday March 16 - Maurice LeBlanc gives a presentation to the Rotary Club/Downtown Moncton Inc. luncheon about the Community Peace Center being established at our church building.

These pictures aren't in order but I think you can figure them out

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A few more days

Monday March 9 Tucker is sick again and has a new vet appointment on Wednesday.
Tuesday March 10 Here our junior hockey team, the Moncton Wildcats, accept the "Rivalry Cup" for having a higher % of seats filled at the arena than another NB team, the Saint John Sea Dogs.
Wed. March 11 Some asparagus with live oil and kosher salt waiting to be baked.  I like doing it that way.
Thurs. March 12 Nicky (dog) and Mo (cat) - a really odd way to sleep in a dog bed! 
(By the way Tucker is better since he went back on special food and he vet gave him a new prescription for prednisone.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The rest of this week

   I do my weeks Monday to Sunday so here's the rest of the week: 
Tuesday March 3: Our dog Tucker is starting to feel better as seen by the fact that he is now again interested in chasing the cats. Boots, our oldest cat, is obviously not too concerned with this change in behaviour.
Wednesday March 4: A guilty pleasure: crispy chicken and taters at the supermarket.  I occasionally have this for lunch and I did this day as I had to go pick a few things up at the store.
Thursday March 5: About once a week it's time to go through the mail and pay bills. What a load of paper! I could do some of this on line but somehow it just seems easier this way.
Friday March 6: I have been scrapbooking again after some time off and this week I have been working on pages from the Mediterranean cruise our family went on in 2007. Here is Miletus in Turkey.
Saturday March 7:  Another cat, Cookie this time, enjoying the basket.  Cookie is such a little girl but with a loud voice.
Sunday March 8:  I decided to take a photo of our church bulletin. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

new pictures

Friday  Feb 27 - Our dog Tucker who has been sick and has had various tests done and medication to take. Here he is standing and hanging his head which is what he does when he isn't feeling well.
Saturday Feb. 28 - Me and my table-mates at the all-day crop I went to at a church. This was at the beginning of the day. We made way more mess as the day went on.
Sunday March 1 - One of our cats, Oliver.
Monday March 2 - The hospital where my husband works and where I had to go today for blood tests. A busy place the blood testing area!