Monday, March 23, 2009

Rest of last week

Tuesday March 17 - This picture is actually from last night and is the interior of the Roman Catholic Cathedral where I went to hear a wonderful concert of organ and voice. They had a great turnout.
Wednesday March 18- Moncton City Hall. The flags in front are those of the various countries which will be participating in the World Men's Curling Championship here in April.
Thursday March 19 - my KOTM for Project 365 finally came! I have been using my other album so far so I will keep this one for next year. 
Friday March 20 - Our Junior Hockey Team is starting the playoffs so here they are warming up for their first game against the PEI Rocket. Our team (the Wildcats) won 7-1.
Saturday March 21 - Second game of the playoffs. Here they are facing the flags as "O Canada" is sung before the game.  We have a US flag also as we have one team in the league from Maine. As you can see the guys have all died their hair blond for the playoffs. Wildcats won 5-0.
Sunday March 22 - The men of our church choir sang today and the women had a "day off". Next week the women sing.  Here they are singing the prelude before the service.

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