Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More in March

Friday March 13 - Boston Pizza, a restaurant we often go to.  Nothing to do with Boston, really.  The man who started this chain is from Alberta and was a Boston Bruins fan.
Saturday March 14 - Marcel with his cousin Dave and Dave's wife Diane.  We had dinner at their place.
Sunday March 15 - Framed picture and jersey of Luc Bourdon, who used to play with our local junior hockey team, went to the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL, and was killed in a motorcycle accident last May.  There was a tribute to Luc before the game on Sunday.
Monday March 16 - Maurice LeBlanc gives a presentation to the Rotary Club/Downtown Moncton Inc. luncheon about the Community Peace Center being established at our church building.

These pictures aren't in order but I think you can figure them out

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