Thursday, January 15, 2009

January continues

Some more pictures for my Project 365 book.  
Moncton High School - the school my three daughters all attended. In the news a lot
 lately because it requires considerable repair work.  An architectural treasure which was built in 1953. Photo taken January 13.

Our 4 cats: Boots, who was a stray we acquired almost 13 years ago (black, white boots,fluffy). Cookie, her one remaining daughter who was 12 on August 31 (black, white boots, short hair). Mo (black and white but more white) and Oliver (orange). Also Boots' medication for a thyroid condition which we have to rub in her ear twice a day.  Photos taken January 14.

Final package and tickets for our trip to Argentina and Antarctica: We leave here on January 29. Photo taken earlier but will be used for January 14.

I still can't get my MIL's birthday dinner picture to load. Giving up on that.

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